Sunday, May 13, 2012

Being a Motorcycling Father


Thanks for dropping by this blog. It has been a long long while since I am able to update my blog regularly. Much to my regret.

Last couple of years, my job requires me to travel frequently. And recently, I just had my first daughters--yes, they are twins (not motorcyling twins, but baby twins). So I would not be able to go on biking trips for a while.

But I am still riding for daily commuting. Maybe a little more sensibly now since there is a family waiting at home for me to feed.

I am still riding my Yamaha FZ1 Fazer. I keep flip-flopping on the VFR1200. Month-to-month, I will go:
--Yes, I am going to buy it (but my conscience will say: Endless, are you crazy? Why the hell do you need a VFR1200 for? You aren't going on bike touring anytime soon. You aren't suppose to ride any faster. What's wrong with your current bike? Don't you think you can put the money to better use?)

--No, I have decided I do not need another new bike and I will stay with my current bike (but I hear another voice in me saying: Endless, life is short. You worked hard. Why can't you use your own money on yourself and let yourself enjoy your passion? The earlier you buy the VFR1200, the more you can enjoy the bike. The later you buy, the more expensive it will be. So don't kid yourself. Go buy now!)

And it goes on and on.

I am happy to hear that one of my fellow biking kaki (or partner) is looking at the VFR1200 deriative, the new Honda CrossTourer. He is considering between the manual-gear version or the DCT version.
What are your views? Let me know.


seeprompt said...

I know exactly how you feel. Without too many words, allow me to quote a cliché;

"The truth is that you are free to spend your life any way you like, but do remember that you can only spend it once."
- I forgot the source (sorry)

Perkins Blair said...

Good to have you as a motorbike riding father. I just need to challenge to pass on the baton to your kids, that is, in case you are graced to have some. And as you do so, remember that they need to know basic maintenance approaches especially with regard to connections between exhaust systems and the engine.